The Parkhill Infants and Junior School site is located within the outer London Borough of Redbridge in a residential neighbourhood with housing to all sides of the site. This £3million project was to work as main contractor for the expansion, design and construction of 5 different classroom block extensions, some demolition and remodelling of the existing school buildings, associated services and external works, using Modern Methods of Construction.

As previously reported this project had some very unusual, curved architectural aspects to incorporate using our off-site construction techniques. With the existing school building showcasing a curved design feature on the south-west elevation it was important to the school, the planners and the community to replicate this feature on the new, north-east elevation in order for the new buildings, to remain in-keeping with their environment. Radical outside the box thinking was required to achieve the first, curved, modular design in M-AR’s 10-year history but by working as a team, we innovated, built and achieved.  

Sara in the Marketing department met with Chris Fawcett and Simon Nicholson on site, before the facility was due to be handed over, to take a few pictures for our news articles and also showcase at the Academies exhibition.

This project is extremely important in our portfolio of works as it not only demonstrates our off-site construction ability, and thinking outside the box to demonstrate on one site, how we can expand, breakthrough, match with existing buildings & surroundings and provide a quality, on-time, on-budget solution that meets our clients’ needs and expectations.

Further complettion photos will be published in due course. Please see our other news articles regarding this project. 

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